National Association of Romanian Bars ( has responsibility for:

Work package 6: Evaluation

This activity aims at evaluating all the activities that should be performed within the Remor Project (from learning activities to research products).

The Coordinator will realize the so-called Evaluation Plan (D6.1), containing the criteria for the evaluation of the achieved outcomes. By the end of January 2008, the Coordinator of the work package should also write the so-called Evaluation Report (D 6.2), pointing out
  • (i) the method and the criteria followed in evaluating the activities carried out in the execution of the project by the Partners and
  • (ii) the results achieved. It is therefore necessary to establish the External Evaluation Committee, made up of external experts, both in the legal field and in the management of EU projects of this kind.

All Partners have to send to the above-mentioned external board all the documents which may be useful for the evaluation activity (i.e. Implementation Plan, Evaluation Plan and Evaluation Report). The Work package Coordinator has to develop the Evaluation Plan and has to evaluate:

  • (i) the quality of the products of learning and research activities;
  • (ii) the participation to the course (identifying also the Country with the highest stakeholders’ contribution and the 10 most active participants to the seminars);

Moreover the Coordinator of this work package has to evaluate the Project overall and to write the Evaluation Report. In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, all Partners should assist in the development of the evaluation Plan and in the evaluation processes, by providing all necessary information.

Work package 7: Valorisation/Promotion actions

Within this work package, the Partner will have to take care of the activities of dissemination and exploitation of the deliverables of the Remor Project. In detail, the Partner will realize:
  • the brochure ‘Catalogue of Benefits’ (D 7.1) to inform legal practitioners about the benefits on participating in the project and courses;
  • the Communication Plan (D 7.2) to deliver guidance and information to Partners on how and when to conduct valorisation/promotion and dissemination activities;
  • Press Releases (D 7.3) to inform on the Projects results at each phase and to foster legal practitioners to the participation at the courses, through articles in national newspapers and magazines (by the end of September 2007)
  • The final Internal meeting will be held with the REMOR International Workshop international workshop as a 2-day meeting (23 – 24 November 2007).
  • Tthe Valorisation/Promotion Report (D 7.5) to document the conducted valorisation and dissemination activities, including a collection of papers published on international journals (by the end of January 2008).

The work package Coordinator will:

  • (i) coordinate and monitor the above-mentioned activities,
  • (ii) draft the “Catalogue of benefits” for participants and
  • (iii) find a strategy to promote the project.

Moreover the Coordinator will identify the most efficient promotion activities (together with local Partners). With reference to workshops/seminars, the Coordinator will also

  • (i) outline logistics,
  • (ii) draft the invitation of stakeholders/legal practitioners to participate and
  • (iii) form a certificate of participation (by the end of July 2007).

The Coordinator will also assist the University of Genoa in organizing the final international workshop in Italy. Moreover, the work package Coordinator will establish a “Special Interest Group” to foster collaboration with experts in this and related domains (by the end of June 2007). All Partners should perform the outlined local promotion activities (like elaboration of press releases, mailings, and targeted banner ads) and should also suggest additional promotion opportunities. Each Partner will

  • (i) organize local seminars and lectures,
  • (ii) provide their assistance in organizing the international workshop, as well as
  • (iii) attend the final international meeting.