Riga Graduate School of Law ( has responsibility for:
  • Work package 3: Project webportal and interactive learning
    Coordinator: Peter Gjørtler
  • Work package 5: Preparation and realization of seminars and studies
    Coordinator: Peter Gjørtler

Work package 3: Project webportal and interactive learning

This work package includes the following tasks:
  • a) realize Remor project’s web-site (REMOR webportal- D 3.1.) 
  • b) provide selection and customization of the interactive platform (REMOR Interactive Learning- D 3.2.)
  • c) continuously update the contents of web-site and platform, uploading files and information about the project, opening discussion groups/fora, providing all materials produced throughout the project in word-pdf-html format, adjourning information on Partners, etc.

The work package has focus on the coordination of the appropriate allocation of materials and data collected by the Partners according to Remor Project’s objectives and deadlines. This includes dicussion of the appropriateness of the selected platform and of the users’ helpdesk, and in order to ensure a continuous data’s updating, monitoring of  the progress of updates and the degree of collaboration (internal/external).

Finally, the work package includes moderation the discussion. All Partners will collaborate in developing the project’s platform, including translation and adaptation of contents (i.e. information and materials) from national languages into English. In particular, they will indicate:

  • (i) the different discussion topics of the forum and
  • (ii) the support staff for the different discussion topics

Work package 5: Preparation and realization of seminars and studies

This work package is aimed at:
  • a) identifying and selecting legal practitioners;
  • b) identifying the most appropriate learning materials for the lessons;
  • c) organizing, scheduling, planning seminars (in class and e-seminars) and lectures;
  • d) experimenting video-streaming lessons;
  • e) realizing the seminars. In particular, e-seminars and in-class seminars of one week (one in each participating Country), should be held.

In order to achieve the above mentioned results, it would be necessary to carry out some preliminary activities, such as arranging rules for selecting legal practitioners that might be interested in seminars and lectures (Rules for selection of legal practitioners - D 5.1). With reference to the seminars, the responsible Partner should also

  • (i) select and prepare learning materials (Selection and preparation of learning materials for the Remor seminars - D 5.2);
  • (ii) organize and schedule the courses (Organization and schedule of the courses - D 5.3);
  • (iii) write a Report on courses and seminars by the end of January 2008 (Report on courses Deployment - D 5. 4).