Malta Chamber of Advocates ( has responsibility for:
  • Work package 2: Quality assurance
    Coordinator: Dr Tanya Sciberras Camilleri

Work package 2: Quality assurance

This package aims at ensuring the quality of all projects’ activities and tasks as well as establishing adequate mechanisms to control quality. This quality assurance will be carried out with stakeholders’ feedback. The Partner in charge of this work package has to arrange the following documents:
  • a) Quality Management Plan (D 2.1), which should serve as a guideline to manage quality control. The University of Genoa asks the Malta Chamber of Advocates to arrange the Quality Management Plan, according to the following guidelines regarding the evaluation of the Project quality:
  • (i) strict respect of the deadlines and time-limits indicated in the Project,
  • (ii) collaboration among all Partners in the exercise of activities and tasks that demand a combined effort;
  • (iii) maintenance of stable contacts with the University of Genoa, as manager and coordinator of the whole Project.
  • b) Interim Quality Management Report (D 2.2), which should explain the quality assurance procedures that the Remor Project will put in place in order to ensure that the project’s outputs comply with standards and best practices.
  • c) Final Quality Management Report (D 2.3), which should include procedures and criteria used to quantify and qualify the Project as a whole and the Work Packages’ separately as well as the legal practitioners’ and stakeholders’ feedback on quality and usefulness. The final document should be produced by the end of January 2008.

The Work package Coordinator should elaborate first the Quality Management Plan and should monitor all Patners’ activities and their compliance with established quality guidelines to fulfil the above mentioned Reports. Referring to the Quality Assurance, all Partners should perform the following tasks: to seek out and consider legal practitioners’ and stakeholders’ feedback; and to comply with the established quality guidelines.