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This section presents an overview of major updates. The content of the individual pages is updated as soon as new information becomes available.

New section on computer equipment and the solving of computer problems 1-2-2009
Revision of internal links and menus 1-7-2008
New section on research and development projects 15-03-2007
Slideshow and panorama function added 20-11-2006
New section with travel information and destination images 9-11-2006
New section with legal materials for educational purposes 21-11-2005
New section with book news and music news based on catalogues received 31-05-2005
New listing of compositions for string quartet and for quintet with string quartet 18-03-2004
New company profile with curriculum vitae and project experience 10-03-2004
New listing of music stores 02-09-2002
New listing of military museums with images 29-07-2002
New listing and directory of book dealers with images 24-05-2002
New select discography of classical, folk, jazz and military music 28-03-2002
New select bibliography on military history 04-02-2002
Search facilities added 15-08-2001
Belle Alliance, second edition 05-08-2001